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How To Master Your First 12 Months In Real Estate

I invite you to join us at 7 pm on Tuesday, January 24th at our Orillia West Ridge office where I will be hosting a free seminar for people who are either in the process of getting their real estate license or who are currently in their first year as a Realtor.

The single biggest obstacle for new agents in 2017 is going to be the incredible noise coming from older agents who insist on being romantic about what used to grow their business.  Times are changing quickly and the real estate industry is filled with old tricks and tactics that just don't work!  The good news is that the opportunity is MASSIVE!

I will be covering the following topics:

  • How to generate your first transaction
  • How you can turn buyer leads into seller leads through online marketing
  • How I laid a solid foundation for a successful second year
  • How to generate leads - lots of them!
  • The mistakes I made in my first year that you should definitely avoid!

Here is something I call the "Holy Shit Curve"

Most agents get stuck on this roller coaster of emotions for their entire career.  They experience months where it seems like their the King/Queen of their town, and then all of a sudden they're worried about how to pay their cell phone bill.  Do you agree that this is something you should avoid? Me too!

It has been estimated that 87% of Realtors fail in their first five years.  As a proud member of "The 13 Club" (the 13% that don't fail) my goal is to bring to you some of the best practices that I used to explode my business!

RSVP No later than January 20th to: [email protected] OR [email protected]

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