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How the Real Estate Industry Is Being Impacted By Snapchat

I'll start this blog post with the simple answer, and then dive a little bit deeper below: ATTENTION

Current digital marketers like Gary Vaynerchuck and many others talk about this all the time, marketing is all about attention.

Marketers are in a constant struggle for the consumer's attention and the companies with the ability to earn that attention win.

The simple reason why apps like Snapchat and Instagram have such a massive potential for an impact on the real estate industry is that they currently dominate the attention. What started out as an app for youngsters is now seeing a MASSIVE increase in users aged 30-50.

Here are 5 Snapchat facts you probably didn't know:

1. Snapchat's video views have increased 400% year over year (May 2015 - May 2016)

2. Snapchat's video views are now greater than Facebook's (Over 10 million per day)

3. 60% of smartphone users are now on Snapchat (And growing...)

4. Millenials account for 70% of Snapchat users (The next generation of Homeowners)

5. Snapchat is now worth $20 Billion (For the haters - Snapchat is the real deal)

As a Real Estate marketer it is important to have a deep, deep understanding of where the consumer's attention is and how to broadcast to that attention channel.  The Rossman Team has been successful in capitalizing on the massive attention that Facebook provides, but it is important to make sure that all of these opportunities are taken advantage of.

Perhaps one of the reasons why Snapchat has become so successful is due to the fact that the videos and stories disappear after 24 hours.  This disappearing feature has proven to create a deeper sense of engagement.  Consumers really pay attention to what is on the screen, because it won't be around forever.

The days of focusing on print ads, door knockers and newspaper articles as the only strategy are gone.  Not because they are inferior channels to convey a message but because those are not the channels that are capturing consumer's attention.  The key is to use all of these channels to market homes and to focus on using whatever medium is capturing the greatest attention.

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