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Why "For Sale By Owner" Really Doesn't Work...

Let's face it, you can't get much more of a Seller's market than this.. It seems like anybody with a "For Sale" sign can put a house on the market and have it sell in record time.

Here's the truth... Anybody can sell a house in this market!  The trick is, how much can they sell it for? Here are a few reasons why selling your house with a commission free service is a bad idea:

1. They Can't POSSIBLY Sell Your House For Top Dollar

Why are houses selling for so much money in the current market? DEMAND! There are 3-5 people looking to buy every house and it's creating a feeding frenzy! Buyers are desperate, and they are willing to overpay.  The advantage that you have when you list with a Realtor is the exposure on MLS.  A large majority of all buyers are using a Realtor to help them find a home.  The ones that aren't are looking on MLS websites.  By listing your house as a For Sale By Owner, or through a commission free platform, you are missing all of the buyers that search on MLS. Don't you want those buyers to see your house?  In order to create the demand your home needs to get the price you want, you need a lot of people to see it! It's just not something that people can do on their own.

2. Refer To Point #1

3. Please See #1

4. Did You Read #1?

All joking aside, the biggest mistake that people make when they sell their house by themselves is that in an effort to save $20,000, they end up selling their house for $40,000 less than they could have... I'm no mathematician, but those numbers don't add up!

Why Do People Sell "For Sale By Owner"?

Other than the obvious financial reasons (saving commission), the major reason why people don't use Realtors is because our profession has not done a good enough job at articulating the value we add. At The Rossman Team, our services aren't cheap.  It is my philosophy that if I'm ever asked why I charge so much, I better have a damn good answer! (I do šŸ˜‰ )

My Advice...

Here is all I ask: When you decide you would like to sell your house, get a second opinion.  Interview a couple agents and ask them what they can do for you.  If you don't like their answers then at least you gave it a shot.  After all, you are selling your most expensive asset, why not explore all options?


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